Newsletter - September 2022

We are pleased to announce that Fellowship Hall will be reopening for after Sunday Service beginning Sunday, September 11th. This will provide an opportunity for those who wish to enjoy a place for fellowship with their fellow devotees

Also remember that Commemorative Services are beginning again this September with the commemoration of Lahiri Mahasaya's Mahasamadhi Service on September 26th and Lahiri Mahasaya's Birthday Service on September 30th


Covid-19 Protocol

Attending Services at the Atlanta Center: Wearing masks inside the building is optional.

The weekly services will remain, Sundays 10 am Meditation Service and 11 am Reading Service. Fellowship Hall is now open for devotees following the Sunday service until 1 PM.
Presently, we are unable to add additional services because we don't have enough volunteer support. We need volunteers to serve in every area of our Center. We need ushers, service readers, Sunday school teachers; flower, fellowship, and book room; Lesson Study group leaders, and volunteers in other areas. If you can serve at the Center, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out a volunteer form in Fellowship Hall.

Atlanta Center Exterior Restoration Project Completed!

We are pleased to announce that the Atlanta Center Exterior Restoration Project was completed this week. This project has been ongoing for the past 6 weeks. The specialized Miami based crew has done an excellent job of repairing ,sealing and painting our stucco building and tile roof. During Brother Ishtananda's last visit to Atlanta in May, Brother and Scott, our devotee mural artist, worked together to select the colors and the design for the Center's Exterior restoration project. Our sincere thanks to Steve Allgood who oversaw this project from inception through completion. Master must be smiling ear to ear seeing his gem, the Atlanta Center gleaming so brightly once again. A big thank you to all of you who contributed to the building fund to make this project possible. While this project is now complete, we continue fund raising for the building fund in order to continue to maintain and preserve Guruji’s Atlanta Center, which is now 22 years old. The exterior restoration project has made the exterior of the building like new and the sealing and repairs will preserve the building for another 20 plus years. We greatly appreciate your generosity and continued support . Here are some photos of the restored exterior: