Welcome to SRF Atlanta

The Atlanta Center is a branch of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), a worldwide non-profit religious organization with international headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. SRF was founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda for the purpose of disseminating Kriya Yoga, a sacred spiritual science originating millenniums ago in India, for attaining direct personal experience of God. In India and surrounding countries, Paramahansa Yogananda’s work is known as Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS), which has more than 100 centers, retreats, and ashrams. The Atlanta Center serves families and friends throughout Georgia and the southeastern neighboring states. The Center is open to the public during our services, which are held on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

20th Anniversary of The Atlanta Center of Self- Realization Fellowship

This fall the Atlanta Center celebrates the opening and dedication of the Atlanta Center of Self-Realization Fellowship. This anniversary coincides with the 100th Anniversary of Paramahansa Yogananda arriving in the United States and the founding of Self-Realization Fellowship. The first service was held on September 30th 2000 on the birthday of Lahiri Mahasaya. On November 12th, the Atlanta Center was formerly dedicated to serve Master's work by Brother Ishtananda, Sister Subrata, Brahmachari Kirk, and Brahmacharini Diana.

We planned to have a weekend celebration this October but alas the global pandemic struck this year and we have had to cancel those plans. Maybe we can celebrate the 21st Anniversary in person next fall!

As many of you know, the Atlanta Center was foreseen by our Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, in 1945 when he foretold it's construction to Mary Lou Edwards when she visited him in California. The manifestation of this beautiful temple building inspires all of us to serve Master's work and appreciate how fortunate we are to have this sacred place to meditate and to gather together.

Many of us were blessed to be here over the past 20 years to experience the Divine fellowship and growth of the Atlanta Center. We have been so fortunate to have many monastic visits, retreats, and Kriya initiations and public talks over the years. Under the leadership and guidance of our minister counselor Brother Ishtananda, Master's work has continued to expand beyond Atlanta and help to embrace the Southeastern United States with retreats and visits to other SRF groups in the area.

We are very grateful to all of you for your love and support of our Guru’s SRF Atlanta Center. 

Update From The Atlanta Center of Self- Realization Fellowship

During this time of our services being cancelled, we wanted to reach out to the many devotees who attend services and special events here at the Atlanta Center. We truly miss having our services and being able to experience the Divine Fellowship and the upliftment we feel when we gather together for our group meditations and inspirational services.

We encourage everyone to stay in touch with one another and support one another through prayers, meditations, and personal communications during this time of crisis around the world. As you know, many are suffering not only from economic distress, but from isolation and concerns for health for themselves and their family and friends.

Also be assured that the Managing Council in coordination with our minister-counselor Brother Ishtananda are making every effort to maintain and protect the Atlanta Center of SRF during this crisis. We know that one day we will be able to hold our services once again at the Atlanta Center and we look forward to that day with joy.